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Andrew Bachelor interview
TheGrio --
Natasha S. Alford talks with King Bach about his new movie Where's The Money?

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Where's The Money with Andrew Bachelor

Andrew Bachelor interview
Where's The Money? --

See it on BuzzFeed - King Bach on AM to DM, Monday, Oct. 9, 2017

Where's The Money with Andrew Bachelor

Andrew Bachelor as Freezee in
Meet the Blacks --
Release Date: April 1st 2016
A man moves his family to Beverly Hills on the same day all crime becomes legal for a 12-hour period.

Andrew Bachelor plays Jesse as he joins
Marlon Wayans and Kali Hawk
in Fifty Shades of Black -- a spoof of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Vine star Andrew Bachelor, also known as KingBach, is joining Judah Lewis, Robbie Amell and Samara Weaving in New Line’s horror comedy “The Babysitter.”

KingBach, is in New Line’s horror comedy “The Babysitter

Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele Set Fox Comedy With Vine Star King Bach


How King Bach Dominated Vine
King Bach is the biggest star on Vine.
But why is it easy to dominate the internet as a black star and not Hollywood?


MandMglobal.com: King Bach to speak at the Festival of Media LatAm
October 1st - 3rd, 2014

King Bach to speak at Media LatAm -


nymag.com: King Bach Gets His White Audience

King Bach Gets His White Audience -


FSUNews: Andrew Bachelor 'un-Chainz' 'Django'

FSUnews Andrew Bachelor un-chainz Django

For the third time since June of last year, actor/director/producer/writer Andrew Bachelor has done something worthwhile of covering in the FSView. Last time we spoke to Mr. Bachelor, an FSU alumnus and ex-track team member, he was just about hitting his strike with King Bachelor’s Pad, his festival-featured web series that, to date, has parodied everything from The Hunger Games to Sherlock Holmes, on top of producing original material. Now, the King is back and he's unchained—Django Unchained, I mean. Or should I say "Django 2Chainz?"

Just past 118,000 views since its premiere six days ago, the Quentin Tarantino/Tity Boi homage marks Bachelor's fastest rising video yet. With Bachelor writing and directing, the 12-minute short film was in production for just two days. For reference, most films shoot about four pages a day. At the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, six days are granted for a 12-minute screenplay. In other words, Bach moves fast—a trait he accredits to his film school career where he attended, not as a filmmaker, but as an actor. A student at The Groundlings, a theater school in LA, Bachelor learned the craft of filmmaking through watching others and picked up tricks of the trade along the way. [Read More]

Rollingout.com: NFSW 'Django Unchained' parody by @KingBach #Django2Chainz

Django Unchained parody


Video: King Bach Hosts 'At The ForeFront'

Every week we drop "At The Forefront", a round up of the hottest hip hop, rap, comedy, sports, and other sh*t to keep you cooler than the guy next to you. Host Andrew Bachelor lets you know what's going on. Like dubstep... two years ago. Or Psy... before your mom found out about him. We keep you up to speed on the new urban cool.

Twitter: @WeAreForefront
YouTube: YouTube.com/WeAreForefront

Video: King Bach in the Hawt Seat! Red Hawt YouTube Gossip

Cynthia has a lightening quiz with YouTube star King Bach! Subscribe! Andrew Bachelor, a rising YouTube star with cosigns from heavyweights like Jay Pharoah and DeStorm Power. He is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor and we have him here to answer some questions that Cynthia needed answered. Check out the Red Hawt YouTube Gossip, and check out Andrew's Channel, www.youtube.com/BachelorsPadTv

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BlackActors.com "Watch: Andrew Bachelor Spoofs 'Flight,' New Sketch Co-Starring Neil Brown Jr. Debuts"

Flight Spoof

We knew it would only be a matter of time before someone would spoof Denzel Washington's outrageous character from his latest film. Youtube phenom Andrew Bachelor took on the role of Whip Whitaker—the drunken and doped up pilot from Robert Zemeckis' Flight—and created a hilarious spinoff who now drives a school bus after losing his pilot license. Washington isn’t the only actor spoofed in this video. Tamara Tunie, the actress who played Washington’s loyal right hand in the film, was also spoofed by Ione Butler. [Read More]

Video: Red Carpet Premiere of "Agent Steele"

If you haven't seen the official trailer for Agent Steele, click here!

Andrew Bachelor interview
-- OkayPlayer talks with King Bach about his new movie Where's The Money?

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Behind the Scenes: Django Unchained Parody

Featuring Lamorne Morris, Bresha Webb, Lyman Johnson, Aleks Ristic, Jay Nelson, Mitchell Marchand and more!

Video: Follow King Bach's Vlogs and See What Happens on His Daily Adventures!

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GRANTLAND: Viral Video of the Day! "It's Flight, But on a School Bus, and You Must Watch It Right This Minute"

Flight on a School Bus

We already told you up top: It's Flight on a school bus. It doesn't star the real Denzel Washington, but this amazing impostor is every bit as compelling as a burrito-fearing, kid-imperiling, cup-slapping Whip Whitaker. Watch out, Jay Pharaoh, this guy's coming to kill you. Probably by doing that Denzel exploding finger thing right to your heart. [Read More]

FSU alum takes us back to 'King Bachelor's Pad'

Kings Bachelors Pad

Since I spoke with Andrew Bachelor in June, a lot of doors have opened for the young FSU alumni. His web series, King Bachelor's Pad, has accumulated a growing fan base; he's had meetings about a potential series on Comedy Central; he's auditioned for Saturday Night Live. One could argue Bachelor's been living the American dream. Andrew thinks otherwise.

"I'll never be satisfied," Bachelor said.

Bachelor's drive never ceases or even stalls on a day-to-day basis. This tireless work ethic has made him one of the most promising up-and-coming actors on the market. And acting is only one part of Bachelor's extensive resume. A director, producer and former FSU track star, the man has just about done it all.

In my first conversation with Andrew, he mentioned his web series, King Bachelor's Pad, began as a joke and slowly built its way to fruition. This weekend, he detailed its evolution to me with the confidence of an established producer. [Read More]

Happy Birthday to the King

King Bach Birthday Celebration

Andrew 'King Bach' Bachelor has 7.1 million followers on his Vine app, 1.3 million on Instagram and 300,000 on Twitter, yet the celebrity with recurring roles on House of Lies and MTV2's Wild 'N' Out finds time to give back to Jamaica. Last week, Bachelor and his sister, Christina, the founders of the RuJohn Foundation, again hosted celebrity sporting camps in Kingston and Montego Bay...

On Thursday, June 26, the night belonged to the King himself. On turning 26, he was surprised by family members and friends who unveiled a hilariously funny birthday cake with a hand appearing out of it. Just like the comedian that Bachelor has become, it was comedy hour as over 60 guests, including the likes of Jaleel White, known for his role as Steve Urkle in Family Matters; Lance Gross, who plays Calvin on Tyler Perry's hit television show 'House of Payne', and who just landed a role in the NBC new hit series CRISIS as Agent Finley and Robert Ri'chard, whose role in the movie Coach Carter catapulted his career. [Read More]